Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Joseph

Joseph celebrated a very big and special birthday this year. He turned eight! We had quite the celebration this year, and I think Ben and I enjoyed it just as much as Joseph. He had a Harry Potter party and we loved making all the goodies and decorating the house to turn it into Hogwarts. I may have been a little crazy to let him have so many friends, but I was hoping they would be able to play outside. Of course the day of the party it was rainy and cold so I had twelve very energetic boys in my house for a few hours. The boys all had a blast, and since they all left with smiles on their faces I would say it was a success. Happy Birthday to my favorite little boy!!

Minion cupcakes for Joseph's class


Birthday boy


Yay for fishing

Sirius Black

Welcome to Hogwarts

Harry Potter cupcakes

Broom gift sacks



Too much sugar for me


The best house!

Ready for the boys

Our room

All ready to party!

Broom racing

Round two!

Shirt making time

Wand making

Too many spells at once!


Dinner time

Present time!!

Make a wish

The hanging lights of the great hall