Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fun In The Sun

Last week for play group we went to this AWESOME park that had a bunch of little pools for the kids to play in, and they had a blast.

Issac throughly enjoying being splashed by Joseph. He couldn't stop laughing it was so cute.

Joseph, Nelly, and Issac joining the rest of the crowd.

Issac and Joseph splashin away!

Where's Nelly??

Joseph stompin on the rocks and splashin his mama!


I went to the store tonight and got a major good deal on a lot of food.
I got 4 - 3ltr. bottles of water
5 bottles of gatorade
8 boxes of Suddenly Salad
4 boxes of brownie mix
2 bottles of Mustard, Pasta Sauce, and BBQ Sauce
4 bottles of Salad Dressing
2 bottles of marinade
2 gallons of milk
1/2 gallon of juice
2 pkgs. of hot dogs
3 bags of Cheerios snack mix, and
1 bag of Snyder's pretzels
I only paid $22.45, and Saved $92.35. I love getting a good deal and stocking up my pantry.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~ A day at the Zoo~

Luke and Joseph watching the Giraffes
A little sunbathing before going for a swim.
Dolly and Mazy putting on a good show!
Don't mess with me!

Reaching New Heights

So a few weeks ago I had this GREAT idea. I wanted to conquer my fear of heights, so I thought it would be fun to climb a rock wall. (WHAT WAS I THINKING??) I got Sarah, Jen, and Jessica to go with me. I wasn't to nervous until I saw THE WALL and I immediately changed my mind, but my loving friends(totally still love you all :)told me they would leave me there if I didn't at least try it. I did it and once I got past the sweaty hands, butterflies in my stomach, and my racing heart I had a BLAST! Sarah and I making our ascent.
Here we are halfway up at 34ft.

I finally made it! 67ft. up, it's the highest wall in the state.

Jessica making her ascent.

Way to go Jessica, You are a rockstar!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


On Memorial Day we had a great family day. In the morning we went frisbee golfing and by we I mean Ben and Sam, I was busy chasing Joseph. Later that day we relaxed at home and Ben caught up on some much needed rest. Sam and Ben getting ready to toss.
Ben and his good friend the river.
Little Frisbee Golfer in training. Is it my turn yet?
Look at me Mommy! I'm king of the hill.

I love to splash in the puddles.

Play Ball

Ben and I got a chance to see the Rockies play the Mets a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. I hadn't been to a game in years and I had forgotten how much fun they could be. We had great seats, they were up just high enough and we could see the whole field, and 20min. into the game we had 2 home run balls land within 200ft. of where we were sitting(No we weren't lucky enough to catch one), but we still had a great time.