Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hanging Lake, Hotels and Hot Springs

About a month ago Ben and I had the opportunity to get away for our anniversary and spend a few days in Glenwood Springs. We had such a fun time riding the gondola, going through the Fairy Caves, Ben riding the Alpine Coaster, the human maze, swimming in the hot springs and hiking up to hanging lake.
The river at the start of the hike up to Hanging Lake
These two waterfalls are coming out of the rocks behind Hanging Lake.

The waterfall at Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake.

We made it!! It's an intense hike, but absolutely beautiful.

Ben and I outside the first part of the Fairy Caves

If you look closely at the left side on the top you can see a fairy in the wall.

The most developed room in the Fairy Caves.

Inside the Fairy Caves, about 250ft under ground.

Getting ready to rob a bank.

Ben on the Alpine Coaster

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So Joseph asked me today ....

Why is water wet??
( I admit it through me for a loop)