Monday, July 28, 2008

Let The Good Times Fly

Papa Tossing, what an arm.
Mama's turn. Everybody watch out, you never know where this is going to land.
Here comes daddy, with his perfectly calculated throw.
Uncle Collin, watch your toes Lynsey.
Joseph was the perfect judge. He made sure we played a clean game.
Joseph and the white guy.
Joseph, Ben and Uncle Collin playing catch.
Uncle Collin and Grandma playing catch.
Joseph getting ready to play ball.
Ben getting ready to kick my butt in Horseshoes.

We had a GREAT! weekend together doing lots of family activities. We started Saturday morning by going to Soda Lakes and playing in the sand and water. Joseph wasn't so sure at first be once he warmed to the idea he had a blast. Grandma tried to lure Joseph in by getting his mama to show him how much fun it is to sit on his float. Well needless to say I sank like a rock and the water was FREEZING! But Joseph was watching so I tried very hard not to over react. :) It didn't work well. Then later in the day we headed to Morrison Park and had a family picnic. It was a wonderful day together.

Our BIG Boy!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Joseph over the last few weeks. He is changing and learning so much, some days I can't keep up with him. His favorite new thing to do is follow daddy everywhere and "help" him around the house. It's the sweetest thing in the world, He loves his daddy so MUCH!. Joseph fell asleep on the stairs after telling me he DIDN'T need a nap.
Joseph getting nice and squeaky clean.
Joseph and Luke enjoying climbing at the park.

Joseph enjoys eating his bubbles. I think he does it because Ben and I laugh everytime. (It's really hard not to, it is so cute.)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Need A Napkin

It has become very apparent to me over the last few weeks that Joseph is beoming my little "Monk". He loves playing, and enjoys eating but as soon as he has a mess anywhere on him you had better be ready with a napkin to clean it up or it's meltdown city.

I was remembering the other day when Joseph and I were fingering painting a few weeks ago and he was having a blast but everytime he got paint on his fingers we had to wipe it off instantly. It took quite a while to finish that paint mastrepiece (But it was so much fun to see how happy he was.)

I Love my little Monk so much. He is the greatest joy in my life.