Friday, January 28, 2011

Made me Smile

The other day as I was folding laundry Joseph was looking for something to do and out of nowhere he asked if he could help fold the clothes. I was surprised but instantly replied YES! Then he asked if I would show him how to and once again I said YES!

He folded the clothes so fast I couldn't keep up with him and once he had finished with his clothes I thought he would lose interest and move on but he looked at me and said mom I can fold adult shirts to!

I love my little man and he is such a big help to me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spaceships with Grandma

When I was growing up every summer my brother and I would spend a few weeks with our grandparents and one of our favorite things to do was to help our grandma make "spaceships" or Abelskivers. Well over Christmas break Joseph had the opportunity to start this same tradition with my mom. They had so much fun together in the kitchen and Joseph loved putting in a secret ingredient that Ben and I had to guess, it was chocolate chips yummy!

Mixing it all together. Joseph is a master mixer.
Don't you just love the beanie?? Cooking them up.
They turned out perfect!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sledding !

I am not sure how we went this long without doing this activity but this past week we took Joseph sledding for the very first time and he LOVED it!! We were trying to find a hill that was big enough to go quick but not so big that it would be scary. We lucked out and found the perfect hill behind the church. It was just long enough that you could get enough speed to go across the parking lot, go over bumps and be able to climb back up without being to tired. I thought Joseph would be cold after a few times and want to come home but he stayed out there for over and hour loving every minute of it. We will have to do it again when we get some more snow, there wasn't enough cushion for me, my bottom was sore the next day.

Grandma getting in on the action!
Mama and Joseph giving it a go.
Racing with Dad.
Watch out here I come!
Crazy boys! Joseph would ride on Ben's back all the way down.
Look at me go!!!!


A few weeks ago we finally got a snowstorm that produced enough snow to last for more then a few hours. Joseph was so excited to see the snow that as soon as there was some covering the ground he put on all of his gear and went out to play. Joseph and the puppies sure enjoyed getting all wet and running around together.

My little man trying to get me.
Enjoying the snowflakes!
Making a mini snowman.
Throwing snowballs for the puppies.
Making tracks.