Friday, April 29, 2011

Kennedy Space Center

One of the days we were in Florida we decided to take a little break from Mickey and go see the rockets. It was so interesting being able to see the rockets and launch pads up close, well as close as they let you get. :) The bus tour we took gave us the opportunity to see some movies, mission control, the Saturn 5 rocket, moon rocks, space suits through the ages and many more interesting things. It was a special day for Joseph because he met meeting my dad for the first time and it went well. These pictures don't do justice in showing how big these rockets really are.

Joseph, Ben, Me and my Dad

The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)

I can't remember what this machine is called, but this is the machine they use to transfer the rockets from the VAB to the launch pad. It has to move so slow that it can take up to eight hours to travel a mile.

Launch Pad 39A with the Endeavor rocket

The Endeavor in the background. It was due to launch the last week of April.

Joseph, Ben, Collin and my Dad

Newspaper from around the world the day we walked on the moon.

Do you feel like an ant? Ben and Joseph standing under the middle of the Saturn 5 rocket.

I thought it was funny the rockets had their own garden.

Collin, Dad and my self

Joseph, Collin and my Dad flying a rocket.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disney World

We had a wonderful opportunity a week ago to go to Disney World as a family and experience the magic. The weather was perfect, the condo and amenities were awesome, the parks weren't to crowded and we all enjoyed our break from life.

Disney World

Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

Animal Kingdom

Joseph loved the Rainforest Cafe!!

Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure

Hollywood Studios


Friday, April 1, 2011

Mount Rushmore

On our way home from Minnesota we took a little detour and stopped to see Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. I was super excited since this was my first time seeing Mt. Rushmore in person and while the heads are big, they aren't as big as you think they are going to be. It was such an incredible feeling to be surrounded by all that history and to remember what these men stood for and founded our country on. It wasn't the warmest of days but once we were inside the park the wind died down enough that we could enjoy looking around. Unfortunately we were unable to see Crazy Horse since this huge wall of fog had settled over the mountain and all you could see for miles was gray.

The heads according to Joseph. Brrrrr!!!
Mama with Joseph, every so often there is a picture of me.
The walkway into the park
Four very amazing men.
Keeping warm and being cheesy.