Monday, September 29, 2008

Family Photos

Friday, September 26, 2008

Today in History....

On this day 3 years ago Ben and I were so blessed to have a healthy, happy, handsome little boy join our family. It's been such a wonderful three years and Joseph has blessed our lives in more ways then we can described. He is such a joy in our home, and a great companion for mama to play with during the day. I love you Pumpkin Nose.

Joseph and I when he was 2hrs. old
Joseph's first General Conference.
1st Birthday Cake
Mom what a great idea. I love to play in my food.
Joseph's 2nd Birthday Cake

Joseph' first Party with all of his friends.

Joseph's 3rd Birthday Cake. I was sad this year that I didn't make it, but he loved it just the same.

Joseph patiently waiting for everyone so he could open his presents.

Look at all my presents. He was so funny they all had to be on the floor and when he opened them every piece of paper had to be off.

Look it's Lightning McQueen AWESOME!!

Let's Race Daddy!

Thank you to all our wonderful friends and family who called and sent gifts. Joseph loved talking to you all on the phone and I think he also enjoyed the presents a little bit. :) We love you all so very much, thanking for making this a wonderful day for Joseph.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Family Reunion

Me and Melissa
Come on guys follow me
Joseph and Papa

Me with some of my cousins and all our sweet boys.

The Three Musketeer's. I love you guys!
What a great looking bunch we are.
My Aunt Kris, her grandson Kaden, and my cousin Megan
Grandma's with their Grandson's.

Joseph discovering the joy of a trampoline with Daddy.
What a handsome group of men. When did my baby get so old???
We are a happy family.

Sweet Kaden with his big blue eyes.

Joseph, Me and my Grandpa. This man means the world to me, I love you Grandpa.

Collin being a monkey.Joseph blowing bubbles with his new bubble blower. Thanks Aunt Mary
Collin, Grandpa and Me
Ben, Joseph, Me, Grandpa, Collin, Chantel, and Aunt Elaine. Love you Guys

My Day With Thomas

Brad and Joseph getting ready to ride Thomas.
Ben, Joseph, Brad, and Sam enjoying the train ride.
Choo-Choo All Aboard Thomas!
Matching Tattoos for such "tough" little boys
Joseph and Daddy
Miniature Thomas, Annie, and Clarabelle

More miniature trains. Joseph absolutely loved these.

Hey Joseph I think it's time to deliver the mail what do you think? Sure thing do you think they will let us drive?

Thanks to Uncle Sam for getting the tickets. The boys got to spend the day with two of their favorite things: Trains, and their Daddies.

Monday, September 22, 2008

What an Experience

Ben and I spent the weekend in Utah and one night for fun we went to the O.C. Tanner festival of music at the new conference center. It was a wonderful evening that only got better when President Monson showed up. I couldn't believe I was actually in the same room as the prophet, it was such a feeling of pure joy. It was good to be reminded of the fact that even though President Monson is the head of the church on this earth, he is also still just a regular person like us. I love this church and our prophet so very much. It was an evening that I will cherish forever.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cheyenne Mtn.

It's HOT let's go for a swim. These 2 cubs couldn't get enough of the water.
Where's my lunch???
Can we feed him mama? Yes we can. It was so much feeding the giraffe's and they have long, long, long tongues.
Joseph feeding him. This is for you Aunt Heidi, wish you could have been there with us.
All Aboard!!!
Joseph loved the Giraffe's as long as they didn't try to kiss him.
Good Morning Mr. Giraffe
Joseph and I petting a baby Wallaby. It was the softest thing I think I have ever felt.
Who let Shere Khan lose???
Don't let the bear get me Mama!
A couple of weeks ago we took Joseph to the Colorado Springs zoo and we all had a blast. Their Giraffe exhibit was amazing, it had 18 giraffe's and you could look them right in the eye. The lion exhibit they walk right over your head, it's cool. Joseph's favorite part was the giraffe's, he did not want to stop feeding them crackers. I think he made a friend for a life with all the crackers we gave that one.