Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Here's a look at what we have been doing the past few weeks and keeping me away from my blogging :( Just kidding I love spending time with my family. We were lucky that Jeff and Kris were able to come over for Memorial Day weekend and that we were able to spend time with them, it was a blast.

Collin and Chantelle

Joseph helping Chantelle blow out her birthday candles.

Joseph enjoying watching the lightning and hail.

The river in Estes Park

Papa, Joseph and Grandma

Aunt Kris by the lake.

A herd of Elk just as we entered Rocky Mtn. National Park

Overlooking the valley from the summit in Rocky Mtn. National Park

Jeff and Kris enjoying the view and the Elk!

Our view coming down the other side of Rocky Mtn. National Park.The fog was so thick in places you couldn't see ANYTHING! I was glad when we were off the mountain.

The dinosaur Joseph built. He runs around the house all day yelling ROOOOAARRR!

Ben showing off his mad wood working skillz, built this boat for Joseph to play with in the tub.

Ben finished remodeling the shower in our other bathroom. HOORAY! HOORAY!