Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Joseph's Birthday

Well it's official I no longer have a toddler, Joseph has become a little boy. On Sunday Joseph turned five and we had a small family celebration at home. We had a nice dinner, good company, yummy cake and of course PRESENTS!! We love Joseph so much and he is becoming such a wonderful little person. Some of our favorite things about Joseph are:

1. He is so funny
2. He has a tender heart like his mom
3. He has a love for cars like his dad
4. He is so sweet and loving
5. He is such a wonderful helper

Me with my baby
His cake
Joseph with his cool new transformer toy from Nana and Grandpa
Joseph and Uncle Collin playing shoe basketball
Blowing out the candles
Light sabers!!!
The Red Mustang GT!! This is the only thing he asked for and his wonderful daddy spent all day Saturday looking for it. They have been enjoying driving it all over.