Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Off to Kindergarten

I found this story the other day and I just thought it was so cute I wanted to share it.

I'm off to kindergarten now.
I'd better take my bear.
He likes to sit beside me, so
I'll take a little chair.
I'll pack a cookie for myself,
one for my teacher, too,
and one for all my brand new friends.
(Or maybe even two!)
I've got to have some books to read
while I enjoy my snack.
I'll pile mine up like pancakes, then
I'll pull the wobbly stack.
I'm going to bring my easel and
my paints to paint a tree
with giant smelly flowers for
a giant bumblebee.
I'll take my backhoe with a scoop to dig holes dirtily.
I'll bring some moles along because moles like to dig like me.
I think i'd better get a truck to haul my stuff to school, and moving men to load it up.
(I'll give them cookies, too.)
My mother says, "You don't need all these things, my little Bill.
Your teacher will have everything."
" She will?" I ask. "She will."
I leave my piles of stuff at home.
I sing out , "Doodle-eeeee!"
I'm off to kindergarten now.
And all I take is- ME!