Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Need A Napkin

It has become very apparent to me over the last few weeks that Joseph is beoming my little "Monk". He loves playing, and enjoys eating but as soon as he has a mess anywhere on him you had better be ready with a napkin to clean it up or it's meltdown city.

I was remembering the other day when Joseph and I were fingering painting a few weeks ago and he was having a blast but everytime he got paint on his fingers we had to wipe it off instantly. It took quite a while to finish that paint mastrepiece (But it was so much fun to see how happy he was.)

I Love my little Monk so much. He is the greatest joy in my life.


Nana said...

I remember that about him when he had his first birthday. He enjoyed the mess, but not.

Nana/Johanna said...

And Monk is my favorite show!