Thursday, September 25, 2008

Family Reunion

Me and Melissa
Come on guys follow me
Joseph and Papa

Me with some of my cousins and all our sweet boys.

The Three Musketeer's. I love you guys!
What a great looking bunch we are.
My Aunt Kris, her grandson Kaden, and my cousin Megan
Grandma's with their Grandson's.

Joseph discovering the joy of a trampoline with Daddy.
What a handsome group of men. When did my baby get so old???
We are a happy family.

Sweet Kaden with his big blue eyes.

Joseph, Me and my Grandpa. This man means the world to me, I love you Grandpa.

Collin being a monkey.Joseph blowing bubbles with his new bubble blower. Thanks Aunt Mary
Collin, Grandpa and Me
Ben, Joseph, Me, Grandpa, Collin, Chantel, and Aunt Elaine. Love you Guys


"Pretty Great" Aunt-E said...

It was a wonderful day and did much to buoy Grandpa Hansen's spirits since Grandma Hansen's passing last December.

Thank you, so very much, for keeping Grandpa (especially) in mind and for phone calls and visits that break the monotony of his days.

We're so thankful to be kept in Lil' Joe's circle - to be part of his life so he knows/accepts us, and to have met Chantel, too; she's a real nice compliment to Collin and seemed so comfortable in our home.

Much love,