Saturday, December 12, 2009

A few of my favorite things in Utah

This past weekend Joseph and I were able to take a quick trip over to Utah and spend some time with family and do lots of fun things. A few of the favorites were:
2.Cooking with my mom and aunts
3. Lunch at Pace's. It's tradition to eat there every time we visit.
4.Watching Joseph spend time with his Great Grandparents
5. Family Christmas party
6.Santa coming to town early!!
7.Watching family video's together, we are a silly bunch.
8.Getting to attend the Christmas Devotional at the Conference Center
9.The lights at Temple Square
10. Spending hours playing with cousins.
Great Grandpa and Joseph
My Grandpa and Me
Mrs. Clause, Joseph and Santa going over the Naughty and Nice list
Joseph giving Santa big squeezes!
Sheena and Me
My mom's family from left to right: Uncle John, Uncle David, Aunt Susan, Grandpa, Uncle Steve, Mom, Aunt Kris & Aunt Judy. Missing are my Grandma and Aunt Marianne.
The stage for the Christmas devotional
The First PresidencyA very RED tree
The reflection pond
Salt Lake Temple
A pretty tree at the entrance


Heidi said...

These area all great pictures! So beautiful. And how great that you were able to spend time with family. I love the pictures of Joseph and Mrs Claus and Santa. So cool!! And I did not know you got to go to the conference center for the Christmas Devotional. SO jealous.

James and Aimee said...

That is so awesome! All of it!! I'm so glad you got to go to visit with your family. What wonderful pictures!! And you got to go to the Christmas Devotional!!! I loved watching it here at the Stake Center, but to be there in person? It must have been amazing!!!

Liz said...

You had great seats for the Christmas devotional!

Honey said...

Very cool - looks like a great trip!

nanajohanna said...

You really made some great memories!

Jim said...

Wonderful photographs! I was especially pleased with the shot of the First Presidency.