Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Reunion!!!

This past weekend we went to Idaho for the Haeberle family reunion. It was the best three days with our family. We played games, went down the HUGE slide, watched slide shows, chased salt water taffy raining down from the sky, made jewelry, had our faces painted, the kids had craft time and we laughed until we cried, especially those of us in the kitchen on Sunday night. :)

Me and Melanie
Ellen, Joseph, Noah and Naomi enjoying SQUARE ice cream
The Humphries Clan (Missing Zach and Kevin)
The Three Musketeer's
Ben and Joseph at the top of the slide
Gran and Grandad with their kids
Gran and Grandad with all of their Gran kids and Great Gran kids!
The WHOLE family
Dixie, Melanie, Mom and Dad
Shelby and Brad
All the kids with their faces painted. Thanks to Bonnie for doing such a great job!
Heidi and Shelby going down
The kids getting ready for the auction
Mama and Melanie

Uncle Ben with Melanie and yes she already has her Uncle Ben wrapped around her tiny finger. All his sweet nieces do and he wouldn't have it any other way.



Honey said...

What a great weekend - I love all your pictures!

I miss you. I'm so sorry we didn't make it to Ben's party - it looks like it was a lot of fun. Things have been a tad crazier than usual around here :)

nanajohanna said...

Thanks for posting this; so many things I missed seeing. I'm so glad you guys were here. Love you!