Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mall of America

While we were in Minnesota a few weeks ago our trip wasn't complete until we had made a trip to the Mall of America. We spent all day at the mall and the girls still didn't see every store and the boys didn't get to ride every ride, that is how HUGE the mall is. When you first walk in it is just so overwhelming between the people and the stores you don't even know where to start, but luckily Joseph and Brad were there to help guide us to Lego land!

Dad, Mom, Joseph and Brad after the Log Ride.
Transformer Lego! It was amazing!!
An overview of the rides.
Oh boy Lego's!!
Hitchin a Ride
Honk! Honk!
Waiting to drive.
Go get em Dad!!
Swinging around.
Ready to go! The scene in the background is all made of Lego's.
Wahoo!! The boys are on there to but they are just short enough you can't see them.
Round and Round we go.
Beep, Beep!! Here we come!
The view from up top!
Lovin the ride with Grandpa and Nana.
My awesome boys!!


Celeste said...

I've always wanted to go there but after seeing those amazing rides, I think I could convince Justin to go too!

Liz said...

Awesome trip!

Joseph and Mary + Six said...

That looks like so much fun! It great to see Brad and Joseph as such good friends! Love you guys!

The Pollocks! said...

Wow. I've heard of the place, but you've got the best pictures of it that I've ever seen. How fun!

Tammy said...

What a store! Looks like it was a fun time for everyone.

DoBdoBdo said...

What fun that Mall would be! Something for everyone, huh? Especially enjoyed photos of two sets of Humphries' sons (Ben & Sam piggybacking their sons, Joseph & Brad), Joseph's giggly face on Log Ride & sweet close-up of Ben & Joseph atop his shoulders. So glad you're getting to travel & see & experience so many things, Lyns. We Love You Guys!