Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

We were so lucky that we were able to spend Father's Day weekend with Sam, Nat, Brad and Maddie. We had non stop fun and did a whole bunch of activities and we can't until they come back again, two days was not long enough. Friday night after everyone had a little rest we went swimming and it was a BIG hit all the way around. Joseph and Brad enjoyed playing catch and floating in the water and Maddie was happy splashing and looking at all the new sights. Saturday was filled with:
Bike Riding
Corn Hole
Hanging Out
Joseph and Brad chilling before their BIG ride.
Ben and Sam playing corn hole.
Joseph and Brad taking a turn. They were safer with bean bags then rocks.
Joseph, Maddie, Brad and I observing the game.
A little bit of rough housing.
Nick and Sam take a turn at corn hole.
Kari and Maddie
Good looking ladies!!
Kari and I taking our turn. It was amazing I made it through the game everyone was aiming for my feet, especially Shelley. :)
Shelley and Nat
Ben and Sam with their little ones on Sunday.


DoBdoBdo said...

Especially love the shot of Ben and Sam with their Sunday-dressed kids on the porch swing. Great shot! Love you guys.