Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sneak Peak.....

So this summer we went and had some fun family pictures taken. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Harvest Festival

Joseph's school put on another great Harvest Festival this year and Joseph loved the new addition of the bouncy slide. It was the first thing he did and went back as much as he could, but I did manage to pull him away a few times to try the other games and enjoy some pizza. It was a great night and lots of fun getting to see old and new friends.

You can never grow tired of going down a bouncy slide.

Playing games!

Mae and Joseph having a sword fight.

Enjoying a Hayride!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend Fun in Glenwood Springs

So way back in September when Ben was in Minnesota on a guy's trip, Mom, Joseph and I went to Glenwood Springs for some weekend fun. We got in to town late Thursday afternoon and once we were settled at the hotel we headed over to have dinner at mom's favorite place The Italian Underground. We sure lucked out because there wasn't any wait for a table and the food was delicious as always. After dinner we just headed back to the hotel to get some rest so that we would be ready for our big day of fun on Friday. We got up early on Friday and had breakfast before heading up the mountain. They have the coolest adventure park up on top with a cave tour, lots of rides and fun games for kids of all ages. We spent all morning up there and then we came back down to have lunch at The Brew Pub before hitting the pool. It was a perfect Autumn day for swimming in the hot springs pool since there weren't very many people and the water felt great. Once Joseph had finished with that pool we grabbed some dinner before hitting the hotel pool. I would have been happy to skip that one but Joseph was so intent on going that I couldn't bear to tell him no. So we headed to another pool and had a great time, since the whole pool was designed just for kids. It had two water slides, a basketball hoop, a fountain and a hot tub. On Saturday we just had breakfast before heading out because Joseph had a soccer game and a Harvest festival to get to. We had a great time together and can't wait to do it again!!
(Sorry the pictures are out of order.)

Practicing his skills so he can keep up with his Dad.

This is so cool!!

I love Ferris Wheels!!

Hamming it up for mom.

I got mom to face her fears.

Enjoying a late night swim.

Water slides RULE!!

I love Hanging Lake.

Fall colors on the drive up.


The start of our adventure.

Loving the cave tour.

Such a cool dude.

Enjoying the hot springs!

This hotel pool is the best!!