Monday, December 10, 2012

Joseph's 7th Birthday

So way back in September we celebrated Joseph's 7th birthday. I can hardly believe he is that old and becoming such a handsome young man like his dad. We had a nice quiet family celebration at home this year with homemade Mac &Cheese, salad, veggies and a Lego cake. Joseph got some pretty neat presents, but I think his favorite was his new bike which some how I didn't get a picture of. It must have been because he was riding too fast for me to catch him. It has been such a fun year for Joseph with starting 1st grade and learning so many new things. Happy Birthday Pumpkin nose, we love you so much!!

Yay for Birthday balloons!!

Awesome Ninja Lego's!

Happy Birthday Baby!!

My birthday boy

Lego cake


Oh boy it is Perry pj's

We love you!!


Joseph's Aunt-E said...

Rare threesome shot - thanks for these. Love the tough face on CJ, too! (He doesn't fool me, though.)