Monday, December 31, 2012

Lights of Hudson Gardens

A few weeks ago when Sam and Brad came for a visit we took the boys to do my favorite Christmas activity of looking at the lights. It was a pretty chilly night, but we all bundled up and had a great time. The boys were so excited they just kept running from place to place, but when we found the train they slowed for a few minutes to watch it go by. They did a great job of decorating all the trees and some of them even still had their leaves on. My favorite tree though was the purple and white one, it was just big, beautiful and breathtaking. I just love everything about this time of year.

Joseph and Brad

Ben and I in the Rose Garden, where we were married.

Awesome tree

I loved this purple tree

Santa is on his way.

Ohhh lights


Joseph's Aunt-E said...

You're right - that Purple/White lit tree was gorgeous! (One doesn't often see purple at Christmastime, does one?) I also enjoyed your "Awesome tree" - I think whomever put it together must have a terrific sense of humor! More fun memories and great photography, Lyns - THANK YOU, Sweetie!