Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Joseph was so excited this year that Uncle Collin was there to help carve pumpkins. Joseph was a little more into it this year and really got into the carving part, but still did not want to help with cleaning them out. Maybe someday Joseph won't mind getting his hands all slimy. :) Joseph and Uncle Collin sure carved some creative, spooky pumpkins.

Ewww guts!!

Joseph's least favorite part.

Getting his hands dirty.

Working with Uncle Collin

Cutting like a mad man

Joseph's pumpkin



Joseph's Aunt-E said...

COOL Vampire Jack has frightened Scaredy-Cat Jack! AWESOME photographs, Lyns. Fun to see CJ, too, and close-ups of Joseph's concentration. Fav shots are Joseph extracting slimy pumpkin guts (his face) and close-up while he's cutting. As usual, good photography! Thanks for sharing.