Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Minnesota Trip

This year for Father's Day we took a weekend trip out to Minnesota to visit Sam, Nat, Brad, Maddie and Macy. We had a wonderful time together, played hard, and learned a valuable lesson about bug spray. We had the opportunity to watch Brad race and he is really good. On Saturday while Sam was at a special Priesthood meeting the rest of us went to the zoo. The Minnesota Zoo was awesome and whoever designed it was brilliant! They had tractor rides, a petting zoo, lots of picnic tables, a playground and a splash park for kids. On Sunday we were able to attend church, celebrate the amazing father's in our lives, play at the park and the dads even got to go for a bike ride. On Monday before we left Ben and Sam went for another bike ride and we played on the slip 'n' slide. It was a great weekend and we can't wait to do it again!! We Love you guys so much!!

He's off!

Brad, ready to race.

Happy Maddie!

Family day at the zoo.

Taming the wolves

Maddie trying to catch the boys.

Feeding the goats

Driving the tractor

oh you know, just hanging out on a pig statue.

Baby Giraffe

Like uncle, like niece

Bear hugs

The zoo wore Macy out!

Being a monkey

Macy thinks swings are the best!

Always up for a Frisbee golf game.

Happy Father's Day!

Brad on the slip 'n' slide

Aunt Nat means business when playing football.

Maddie and I took a little nap.

Such a fun weekend. We hated to say goodbye.