Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Maddie's 3rd Birthday

We were so lucky that Sam, Nat and the kids were in town for Maddie's birthday. We had a wonderful weekend full of fun, laughter and lots of Princess's. On Saturday afternoon after Nat and I had put together this incredible Princess cake we went swimming at the Apex Center, which is this awesome indoor swimming pool, and once everyone had tired themselves out there we came home to have a family party for Maddie. We had Pizza, Root Beer, breadsticks and topped it off with Princess cake with Strawberry Ice Cream. We loved getting to spend time together and were very sad when they had to go home.

Every girl needs a Princess birthday banner.

Inspecting the Princess balloons.

Cinderella is mesmerizing.

Humphries Family!!

Make a wish

Licking all the frosting off the Princess's

Time for cake.



I like soda. :)


Oh now I can curl my own hair.


Balloon fun

Sweet birthday girl!!

Swimming bugs

Making faces at Aunt Lynsey

Love my baby!!