Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Wonderland

So the other day we FINALLY!!! got a snow storm that actually accumulated on the ground and we could play in YEAH! So Ben and I thought we should introduce Joseph to the joy of playing in the snow.

As we were preparing to go outside, Joseph did not enjoy being stuffed into his snowsuit and kept telling me to take it off, but of course I am trying to convince him it's going to be so much fun once we are playing and he gave me this Whatever look.

When we did get him outside he LOVED IT!!

Here's a picture of our "backyard"

Lucy and Joseph covering Ben with snow.

Joseph, Ben and Lucy
My little snow angel
Joseph eating snow. He kept telling me it's ICY mama
Me being sassy in the snow
Joseph and Lucy sticking out their tongues
My favorite boys

Can you see me mama???


James and Aimee said...

That looks like so much fun! We are supposed to get some snow this weekend and the kids can not wait.

Sarah said...

Well. I'm super jealous. :)

But, I love love your pictures!

Hannah said...

Ohh, if only I could get Orion to play in the snow!!! We already have a ton, and they are expecting a million tons more before winter is over with, and Orion HATES the snow!! Looks like you guys had fun though. Yea!!

Jim said...

What a great little family with a great little kid. These are the good old days. I hope you are enjoying them and recording them as much as you possibly can. It will make you happy.

Uncle Jim

Heidi said...

These are such cute pictures! We need to get the boys together to play in the snow some time soon.

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

thanks for sending me these pics and taking such good care of lucy-lu...she luvs you guys! cami

Autumn said...

Joseph's little rosy cheeks are delectable in these pictures. I could just eat him up! I've never been able to enjoy the snow (apart from it's beauty as I look out from the warmth behind a window), but I always like it when others can enjoy it this much. It looks like so much fun!!!
Cousin Autumn

Jess Berg said...

So cute! I'm glad someone is having fun in this snow & cold!