Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Nativity

A few months ago Ben was asked to participate in the Littleon Stake Nativity program and has been practicing for the last month.

Well last weekend was the performance and they did a wonderful job. The choir did a beautiful job and the actors were great as well.

It was such a neat experience for Ben to participate in and it was wonderful to watch. The feeling in the room all weekend was amazing, it was a mixture of comfort, peace, joy and the spirit was so very overwhelming. It really made you stop and think about what's really important this time of year and appreciate all that our Savior did for us.

It was great to be able to take time out of our busy lives and truly enjoy this season of giving. We wish you all could have been there to enjoy it with us.


Jim said...

You and your dad look great, but I thought I saw an IED under his robes. Might want to watch that.

Uncle Jim

James and Aimee said...

Ben, you look awesome. I wish I could have been there.

Lynsey, I love the picture in your header. Looks great. And its so nice to see you all.

Honey said...

We almost ended up not going, I am SO GLAD we did! We absolutely loved it - every part! I started to cry it sounded/looked so great.

Sarah said...

Looks like fun!

I love your family picture up at top! So cute!

Autumn said...

What a great way to get into the Christmas Spirt. I really wish I could have gone with you as this is the kind of program I really enjoy--especially when my cousin Ben gets all decked out like a shepherd! Too cool!

Everyone's saying it, but let me just add my voice, too: your blog looks amazing and the pictures are so wonderful, Lynsey! Love to see you three happy smiling people. :)