Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On the road....

So I am finally getting to blog about our trip, yeah!! We left town on Thursday June 28th and headed for our first stop in Montana. Once we had loaded up our rental car and hit the road, we had been driving for about 30 minutes on the highway when we realized that our car had no cruise control. Ben immediately called the rental place which of course was closing and asked if there was anyway we could get a different car since there was no way we were driving over 4,000 miles without it. We just figured that every car had it and didn't realize that we had to specifically ask for it. They were helpful and told us their DIA hub had another car, so we took a little detour and went to DIA. We were hoping to make it a quick exchange but the first two replacement cars they tried to give us were either dirty or missing things that we had specifically requested, so finally we found a Nissan Sentra that was clean and had everything we wanted. Once we had moved everything over we were back on the road and we drove until we were somewhere in Montana. Since we had gotten such a late start Ben really wanted to get across Wyoming Thursday night and he did, much to his wife's dismay who really wanted him to stop so she could take some pictures. I did manage to get some pretty cool shots from the car while driving by though.

Our first rental car.

Ready for our adventure.

Sunset near Ft. Collins

The sun behind the clouds.