Tuesday, February 25, 2014


On February 5th, the second graders of BFA put on a wonderful musical. The school music teacher wrote the words and music, and directed all the kids to put on this fantastic show, Cheftacular. It was so much fun to watch all their personalities really shine, and  I was so impressed that she got them all to participate and smile. I tried to put up a video, but blogger is being silly and won't co-operate.

Joseph and Kyle. I don't think these two can take a nice picture. They are always being goofy. :)

My little chef.

Joseph with his class

Pinewood Derby

Joseph had his first Pinewood Derby this year on January 24th, and what a fun evening it was. His friend Kyle came to cheer him on, and when he wasn't racing they were running around like a bunch of Monkeys. Even though Joseph didn't win, he had fun participating and cheering on his friends. He also earned his Bobcat badge, and  I am so proud of all the hard work he is doing to earn all of his scouting badges and achievements. He is already planning what he is going to do for his Pinewood Derby car next year.

The car

A fun night

Racing down the tracks

Joseph and Kyle being silly.

The boys

So proud of my Bobcat!

Mom, are you done yet??

One last one with Dad.

So proud of Joseph, and all the hard work he put into earning his Bobcat, and making his car.

Wisconsin Dells!!

Joseph had a four day weekend in January, so we took a family trip to see Sam, Nat, Brad, Maddie and Macy. Unfortunately for me, I came down with the flu the night before we were supposed to leave, so I spent the weekend on the couch. :( Ben, Joseph, and Brad flew into Minnesota on Friday morning, drove up to the Wisconsin Dells with everyone, where they spent two days, and then flew home on Monday. A great time was had by all between the swimming, playing games, and eating yummy food. Joseph and Brad could not get enough of the Wave pool, and only tried a few of the other rides. I am so bummed that I missed out on this trip, but I won't miss out on the next one!!

Sam and Maddie

Joseph riding the waves!

Waiting for the next wave


Bring on the waves!

Brad and Joseph chilling in the Lazy River

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Family Pictures

So sometime last year before all the holiday festivities began we had some new family pictures taken. We lucked out as it was a beautiful day, and we were still able to find some trees with the fall colors. We were having so much fun that it was hard for us to stop laughing, and smile for the pictures, but we did manage to get a few with our nice smiles. I love my family so very much!!
My goofball!!

Joseph is King of the mountain. :)

All the kids were being goofy!

Blue eyed cuties!!

Best buddies!!

Two peas in a pod.

I finally made it into a picture. :)

We are family!

Joseph was so happy to be able to run for a few minutes while only the adults were needed.