Monday, October 10, 2011

Utah Trip

Missy, Me and Sheena enjoying Sheena's last night as a single lady. It was so nice catching up and being together.
Joseph with Great Grandpa Hansen

Joseph, Kaden and Jared. Joseph and Kaden spent all weekend together playing and they were so upset when we tried to split them up.

The beautiful bride

Eric and Sheena

Uncle Steve and Ryan enjoying a few laughs.

Sheens and Me. I love this girl soo much!!

A beautiful family.
A few weeks ago we headed over to Utah for Eric and Sheena's wedding but while we were in town we had time to  see some family, have some new family pictures taken and had the most amazing experience at the Salt Lake Temple. Our first night in town we went to the Salt Lake Temple to take out Bill's endowment's, have my parents sealed and me sealed to them. It was mine and Ben's first time in the Salt Lake Temple and it was so beautiful, amazing and peaceful. I am so glad that we picked that Temple to do Bill's work because we were able to be with family and share in such a wonderful experience. Over the next few days we ate yummy food, watched a ton of great movies, shopped and enjoyed being with one another.


Aimee said...

Ben told me about how wonderful it was to go do Bill's temple work. I am SO GLAD you got to do that!!!!! Love you!!!

Celeste said...

What a neat experience! I bet that is something you will always remember.

M said...

Glad you had a wonderful time in Utah! You look great!