Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I love being an Aunt!!

It has been a busy year in our family with all these wonderful babies being born. In March James and Aimee welcomed their sweet new baby boy and he is such a happy boy.

Spencer Everton Mobley
In the past week I have been blessed with a sweet new niece and nephew. Sam and Nat welcomed their new baby girl on Friday afternoon and tonight Zach and Dixie welcomed their new baby boy. I love these sweet new babies so much and wish that we all lived closer so that I could give them lots of kisses. 
Macy Louisa Humphries

Calvin Jensen Hessing

I am so EXCITED to get to snuggle these sweet new babies in a few months and trust me I am counting down the days. Congratulations to all our family on your wonderful new blessings. :)
We love you so much!!


Honey said...

So sweet. YAY! :)

Nuts2U said...

Now you know how I felt, thrice. Still do.