Sunday, February 5, 2012

Only in Denver....

Can we have a beautiful sunny day in the 60's and the next day a HUGE snowstorm. It started snowing on Thursday night and by Friday morning we had a foot and then it continued to snow all day and night Friday. By Saturday morning we had two feet of snow!! Sam, Nat, Ben and myself passed the time Friday night by playing Pass the Popcorn. It is such a fun game and we had a great time.  Once we dug ourselves out on Saturday we took Joseph and Brad to a birthday party at Pump it Up where they jumped until the could jump no more. While they were at the party Sam, Nat, Ben and myself did a little window shopping over at South glen and the best finds of the day were the crazy camera on the Ipad and the super cozy comfy yellow couch. We rounded out our weekend by watching "Warrior" Saturday night and then having dinner with good friends on Sunday.

Our back patio.

Hana blazing a trail.

Brad taking Joseph for a ride.

Joseph just couldn't wait for the snow to stop before going out to play in it.

Anyone feel like jumping??

Best Buddies. These two played in the snow for hours, we were finally able to coax them in the house with hot chocolate.

Nat and Sam taking it easy.