Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day Eight: Hanging with the Hessing's

On Friday we hit the road early so that we could get to Elko as soon as possible. We drove this crazy twisty winding mountain road that Ben loved but I was not so sure about. As we were just over halfway down this road our gas light came on and there was not a gas station in sight, so I said a little prayer and tried very hard not to worry. I am so thankful for the power of prayer and for knowing that Heavenly Father heard my prayer because we were able to drive much further then we had the gas for and make it into a small town to fill up. We arrived at Zach and Dixie's early in the afternoon and had lots of time to play with Melanie, snuggle with Calvin and talk with Zach and Dixie.

Driving to Elko.

Melanie excited about her present!

Open it Mom!!

Calvin!! Love that sweet, sweet face!!

Hanging out with Uncle Ben.

Snuggling with Aunt Lynsey


Johanna Humphries said...

I love all the pictures...but that last one is extra sweet!