Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day two with Weaver's and Seattle

After we parted ways with Grandpa and Joseph, Ben and I made our way over to Washington. It was an absolutely beautiful drive and we had to stop and snap some pictures along the way. We got into town early in the afternoon so Heidi and the kids met us in Seattle to do a little playing and we also met up with my cousins Cindy, Evi and Evi's husband Scott. We were all starving and Shelby had suggested that we stop and eat lunch in restaurant so we did just that. We found this little hole in the wall New Orleans place that had great food and we all stuffed ourselves. We then parted ways with Evi and Scott who went to a baseball game and the rest of us went on the Seattle Underground Tour. Thanks to Garrett and Sarah for recommending it because it was awesome! It was so cool to see this whole underground city and our tour guide was hysterical, if you are ever in Seattle this is a must. After the tour Cindy gave us a walking tour of the city pointing out cool buildings and even took us up to her office where we had a 360 degree view of the city. My favorite was seeing the new Ferris wheel between two buildings where it looks so small, but in reality it is HUGE! When we parted ways with Cindy, Ben and I followed Heidi and the kids back to their place where we spent the night. It was so GREAT getting to spend some time with Heidi, Kevin, Luke and Shelby, we hope next time we can stay longer. Luke and Shelby were great entertainers and Heidi and Kevin were wonderful hosts. Thanks for letting us stay guys and we are looking forward to the next time we see you. We Love you!!  

Columbia River

Bridge over Columbia River

Driving across the bridge.

Ben, Heidi, Luke and Shelby.

Silly Luke!!

One of the hallways in the Underground Tour.

The skylights from the building below. People walked right over the top of us.

Enjoying the tour. Our guide was awesome!

"The Crapper" It has a big role in the history of the tour.

Shelby, Me, Ben, Heidi and Luke

Cool staircase

It is hard to read but this is a piece from Seattle's original water pipe system.

Loving on Uncle Ben!

Cindy and I.

Cindy, Me and Heidi

Me and Heidi with some super adorable monkeys.

Enjoyed the tour and off for our next adventure.

Luke and Shelby being puppies.

Cindy and Ben

The Seattle Ferris wheel. This thing is huge but looks so small between the buildings.

Spider man with his spider picture!

Sweet, sweet Shelby!!